Documenting My 3D Printer Data Gathering and Experiences

Prior to 2013 - for making jewelry items
I purchased Rhino, Artcam, Modelmaster CNC1000 milling machine and much more
including a seat in 3DS Max and Mudbox which I still update each year
and am moving on to 3d printers if I can find manufacturers with
the appearances of being "going-concerns" which means: their web site
lists their company name, address, phone number, email address, etc,
and they make machines that consistently produce high resolution prints.

In 2013 I needed hands-on 3d-printing experiences :
So in April of 2013 I purchased a Lutzbot AO 101 3d printer.
In May of 2013 Lutzbot removed all mention of the AO 101 from their web site.
Now they are selling their TAZ 2.
I learned alot about the slic3r and pronterface settings
The 101 prints were inconsistent and not acceptable for my purposes.

October, 2013 - Going back up on my data gathering research.
3dbotz M2
The 3dbotz M2 appears to have good resolution.
Does anyone know who they are, where they are etc.
I would like more information including closeups of the machine.

First off - the Isis One Desktop 3D Printer in action! video is wonderful.
Shows a closeup view with sound of a print starting at the critical beginning.
I am impressed and like the fact they favor PLA over ABS; however, the isis3d will do both.
In my opinion they are a real company and will stand behind their products.

The first thing I started looking for is product specification and features on their site.
I found old specs are in the wiki subdomains
Current specs and more are in their blog
An active forum Ultimaker 2 & updates
My research shows most users are in europe with few in the US.

on 11-21-13 I came across Hyrel3d watching a Eugene B video and went to youtube and am swept away with
the honestly of the 2 gentlemen on the videos and the tremendous amount of information they are providing to
us about themselves, their products and the growth of their company. I want one and I
don't even know if the resolution of the prints are any good however I feel they will be.
I use a 12 inch fan in upstairs window to pull the fumes out of the room so one with
no enclose would be preferred and I would like the ability to operate the printer from my
computers 35 feet with a long usb cord which is what I am doing now.
I will be researching their printers in the weeks to come.

Minifactory 3 Finland
found this 3D printer on 11-27-13
I like the fact the xy and z axis are all gear driven instead of belt driven.
Appears to be a powerful and sturdy machine.

john james broderick, CPA